Dear Preston Families,

As part of our upcoming Remembrance Day presentation, we are hoping to create a slideshow showing photos of soldiers with family connections to Preston Public School. Days of significance are more meaningful to children when they have a personal connection. By highlighting the careers of relatives, we can create a presentation that has been personalized to our school community. To help us with this project, we are asking families to send in photos of relatives who currently serve in the military or have served in the past.

While it is early to be thinking of this day of significance, we wanted families to have extended time to look for photos and talk with relatives who have served. We welcome photographs of all who served. Whether it was in the Canadian Armed Forces or in another country’s military service, Remembrance Day is a time to remember all who stand up to defend and protect others. 

If you would like to share, please take a snapshot/copy of the photo(s) and send relevant information in regards to the soldier (e.g. dates served, which division-Navy, Army, Air Force, and relationship to the student(s) sharing the photograph. If sending a physical photo please ensure it is labelled with your child’s last name and send in a ziplock bag to avoid damage.

If you are sending a digital copy, emails should be sent to No submissions after Monday, November 8th will be accepted as we will need time to format the photographs into our presentation.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Remembrance Day Committee
Preston Public School