We have very talented students here at Preston PS! Every year we try to host a Talent Show.

This year’s show had a few challenges along the way, but here it is!

It actually feels right – typically we would have some type of assembly on the last or second last day of school.  Something to bring us all together.  We trust this Show will bring us together too.

Thank you to those who sent in videos of their talent!  A very creative group of students!

View the how on a home computer, Chromebook, or phone!  (I personally think the phone works well!)

Preston PS Talent Show 2019-2020 “COVID” Style

(Note: This post has been edited and the Talent Show edited/updated as I neglected to add a video of a student who was one of the 1st to submit a video.  My sincere apologies to the student and their family).